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Many Trades of the Day: Mariners

The Mariners are in need of desprate help so in this special blog normally three trades of the day it will be many trades/ moves

1. Release Richie Sexson, Miguel Batista, Jarrod Washburn, and Carlos Silva

  • Why the Mariners do it? Sexson is 33 and out of his prime. he has a big contract and a no-trade clause. And all the Pitchers are extremely overpaid

2. Mariners trade J.J. Putz  to Cleveland for Jeremy Sowers and Prospects OF Brad Snyder and IF Michael Aubrey.

  • Why the Mariners do it? it gives them A young Starting pitcher (Sowers) to pitch 3rd behind Hernandez and Bedard. Unloads  Putz's big contract and allows many prospects to compete for closers job. Also get a pair of prospects
  • Why the Tribe do it? gives them very much needed bullpen help.

3. Mariners trade Prospects OF Brain Snyder, IF Michael Aubrey, and Reliever Mark Lowe to the Reds for Ken Griffey Jr.

  • why the Mariners do it? gives them back a fan favorite and a good bat at DH.
  • why the Reds do it? unloads griffeys big contract and gives them a trio of young players

4. Mariners trade Jose Vidro to the White Sox for Octavio Dotel

  • why the Mariners do it? Unload Vidro's big salary and get a temporary closer till there prospects develop.
  • Why the Sox do it? they Get a second Baseman which they desperately needed.

5. Mariners trade Adrian Beltre to the Phillies for Shane Victorino and Chad Durbin

  • Why the Mariners do it? they get a Centerfeilder while they also unload Beltre
  • Why the Phillies do it? get a power hitting third baseman to hit 6th behind Utley Howard and Burell

6. Sign Freddy Garcia

  • why the Mariners do it? they give Garcia a 3year deal to return to Seattle and Pitch 3rd

That would make the Mariners Line-up look like this:

  1. Ichiro RF
  2. Jose Lopez 2B
  3. Shane Victorino CF
  4. Ken Griffey Jr. DH
  5. Raul Ibanez LF
  6. Jeff Clemente 1B
  7. Kenji Johjima C
  8. Yuniesky Betancourt SS
  9. Willie Bloomquist 3B

The Starting rotation will be:

  1. Felix Hernandez
  2. Eric Bedard
  3. Freddy Garcia
  4. Brandon Morrow
  5. Jeremy Sowers
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Posted on: June 16, 2008 4:02 pm

Three Trades of the Day: Brewers

Here our some trade ideas i have for the Brewers.

1. The Brewers trade Ben Sheets to the Red Sox for Justin Masterson and Julio Lugo.

  • Why the Brewers do it? They Get rid of good but frail Sheets and get a top notch prospect in return along with Lugo.
  • Why the Red So do it? the Get a Top Notch pitcher to battle for the Play-offs.

2.The Brewers trade Rickie Weeks to the Orioles for Brian Roberts and Danny Baez

  • Why the Brewers do it? It gives them bull-pen help and a good second baseman
  • Why the Orioles do it? they get a young up and coming 2B in Weeks

3. The Brewers trade OF Corey Hart, U Bill Hall, SS J.J. Hardy to the Athletics for RP Huston Street

  • Why the Brewers do it? it gets them a Closer and allows them to cut Gagne
  • Wht the A's do it? they get 3 quality feilders.

Brewers Pitching rotaton would look like:

  1. Suppan
  2. Parra
  3. Bush
  4. Masterson
  5. McClung

There Batting order would be:

  1. Brian Roberts 2B
  2. Mat Gamel 3B
  3. Ryan Braun LF
  4. Prince Feilder 1B
  5. Matt LaPorta RF
  6. Mike Cameron CF
  7. Jason Kendall C
  8. Pitcher P
  9. Julio Lugo SS


  • Closer: Street
  • Set-up Baez
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Posted on: June 15, 2008 5:56 pm

Three Trades of the Day: Reds

Here are some trade ideas i have come up with considering recent rumors:

1. the Cincinatti Reds trade Ken Griffey Jr. to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Oft-injured Rocco Baldelli, young Starter-reliever J.P. Howell, and Catcher Dioner Navarro

  • Why the Reds do it? the would probably still have to pay part of Griffey's contract but not all of it. They Get a Mediocre outfeilder to replace him, they get a good young Catcher (Navarro) and a good young pitcher (Howell).
  • Why the Rays do it? they get a Slugger that will put fans in the stands and will provide them a batting boost at DH.

2. The Reds also deal Adam Dunn up the State to the Clevland Indians for Ben Francisco and Johny Peralta and a prospect.

  • Why the Reds do it? it helps them unload a big Contract and gets them  a everyday shortstop (Peralta), a young outfielder (Francisco), and a prospect
  • Why the Tribe do it? it gives them a great lefty batting outfeilder who can bat 5th behind Martinez and Hafner.

3. The Reds trade SP Bronson Arroyo to the Atlanta Braves for Jo-Jo Reyes and Mike Gonzales

  • why the Reds do it? they get a pitching prospect (Reyes) and a good set-up man (Gonzales)
  • Why the Braves do it? they get a mid-age SP to help the young pitchers and be the #2 starter next year when Glavine and Smoltz likely retire.

Here is the Reds Batting order after all this

  1. Ben Francisco LF
  2. Brandon Phillips 2B
  3. Jay Bruce RF
  4. Edwin Encarnacion 3B
  5. Joey Votto 1B
  6. Johny Peralta SS
  7. Dioner Navarro C
  8. Pitcher P
  9. Rocco Baldelli CF

Here would be there Pitching rotation:

  1. Aaron Harang RHP
  2. Edinson Volquez RHP
  3. Eric Milton LHP
  4. Johnny Cueto RHP
  5. Jo-Jo Reyes LHP
Posted on: May 2, 2008 10:44 pm

Patriots Sneak in and Strike Gold in Draft

The New England Patriots where able to prepare for the Future with there Draft.

Consider this Bruschi, Vrabel and Colvin have maybe two years left in them and Seau one. the Patriots drafted 3 Linebackers from Big BCS schools to develop to take there places in Jerod Mayo of Tennesee(1st round), Shawn Crable of Michigan (3), and Bo Ruud of Nebraska (6). They also Drafted two Cornerbacks Terrence Wheatley of Colorado (2), and Johnathan Wilhite of Auburn (4). Wheatley will have a shot at starting as the #2 cornerback and Wilhite will sit in the wings for 2-3 years. They also drafted a wide reciever Matt Slater of UCLA (5). The Only pick i don't like is wasting a 3rd round pick on a Quarterback in Kevin O'Connell of San Diego. I personally hate USC but I like Matt Cassel as the patriots #2. Many people have said that the Patriots drafted Jerod Mayo way to high, but, i say the Patriots had no huge needs so why not take a mid first round prospect with the 10th pick, he has good size and footwork.

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Posted on: April 7, 2008 9:59 pm

March Madness Rules Supreme

What is better than a 64-team tournement that 50 teams have a shot at the sweet sixteen. Memphis and Kansas play right now and in my bracket i had Memphis losing to Michigan State in the Sweet Sixteen and Kansas losing in the Elite Eight to Georgetown (what great picks those where), but that is the fun of it no one really has a clue who will win. My Pick tonight is Memphis. they over size Kansas and i'd like to see John Calapari win one instead of Bill Self who used to coach for my teams rival Illinois. so lets say 77-72 Memphis.
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Posted on: April 6, 2008 5:08 pm

All-American Teams

First Team:

  • Michael Beasley, F, Kansas State
  • Tyler Hansbrough, F, North Carolina
  • Chris Douglass-Roberts, G, Memphis
  • D.J. Augustin, G, Texas
  • Kevin Love, C, UCLA

Second Team:

  • Luke Haragody, F,Notre Dame
  • D.J. White, F, Indiana
  • O.J. Mayo, G, USC
  • Brandon Rush, G, Kansas
  • Derrick Rose, G, Memphis

Freshmen Team:

  • Michael Beasley, F, Kansas State
  • Kevin Love, C, UCLA
  • O.J. Mayo, G, USC
  • Derrick Rose, G, Memphis
  • Robbie Hummel, F, Purdue
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Posted on: April 3, 2008 9:52 pm

NCAA Awards

Here Are My Winners and the Runner-ups:

  • Player of The Year: Michael Beasley (Kansas State) - North Carolina is a 2 or a 3 seed without Hansbrough, Kansas State without Beasley is nothing. Runner-up: Tyler Hansbrough (North Carolina)
  • Freshmen of the Year: Michael Beasley (Kansas State)- do i have to say this again he is Kansas State. Runner-ups: Kevin Love (UCLA), Derrick Rose (Memphis), and O.J. Mayo (USC).
  • Sixth Man: Danny Greene (North Carolina)- he is one of the best shooters in the Nation. Runner-ups: Patrick Ewing Jr. (Georgetown), Edgar Sosa (Louisville).
  • Coach of the Year: Scott Drew (Baylor)- Led a team that was still devasted by the shooting a few years ago to the NCAA tourney. Runner-ups: Billy Donavon (Florida), Keno Davis (Drake),
  • Mid-Major Player of the Year: Stephen Curry (Davidson)- Led his 10th ranked team to the Elite Eight while averaging 25+ points in the Regular season. Runner-ups: Chris Douglass-Roberts (Memphis), Drew Lavender (Xaiver), Mike Green (Butler), and Adam Emmenecker (Drake). In upcoming years will be called the Stephen Curry award in honor of him.



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Posted on: March 31, 2008 10:29 pm

Indianas new HC

Here are My Ideas:

The probables

  • Mike Mongomery- former Stanford/ Gold State coach
  • Steve Alford- New Mexico/ former Knight Player
  • Keno Davis- Drake
  • Thad Matta- Ohio State
  • SEan Miller- Xaiver

Crazy but interseting ideas:

  • Jamie Dixon- Pitt
  • Mike Bray- Notre Dame
  • Matt Painter- Purdue
  • Roy Williams- NC- he left Kansas after they lost in the Championship
  • Bobby Knight- former Indiana/ Texas Tech coach
  • Eddie Suton- former Oklahoma State Coach
  • Bruce Pearl- Tenn


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